Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Procrastinators united --- ready for a joined test-drive of the autofocus-system?

I've been telling people about Mark Forster's amazing autofocus-system ( since I heard about it one or two months ago. The basic idea is to write down everything there is to do in a notebook, and then walk through it page by page and use your gut feeling to pick from any page just the things you'd like to do, and work on them as long as you want. It looked very attractive, but somehow I didn't put it into practice.

This monday one of my coaching-colleagues from my coaching-training challenged me by saying something like: "I've looked at it, but I don't really think it would work for me." I asked her if she tried it, and she said no. That somehow made me check it out again, and I decided to try it out, so I might base my enthusiasm on some actual experience ... She now calls me "really stubborn" ;-) ...

What shall I say? I finished day 2 now and enjoy it tremendeously ... I'm enjoying to pick any next item from my to-do-list (which has grown to six pages already) and work on it. And I make great progress (already 57 items crossed out in two days!), even with quite some tasks I've been not doing for weeks or months ... Very nice feeling at the end of the day: it's not exhausting at all, because I do the whole time things I like to do (maybe I just thrive on it because I'm a Feldenkrais-practitioner ...).

Anyone joining in a test-drive for 10 days?
So here's my suggestion: anyone out there who wants to give it a try, too? How about just joining in and putting your experiences into the comments, so we can learn about how it works for different people. I intend to do it at least for 10 days, but if it continues to work that great I'm probably not gonna drop it at all :-) ...

What to do?
  • Read the instructions at
  • I prepared a little simple Word-Template with the appropriate number of lines and the summary of the instructions at the margins. If you want a copy of it, just drop me a line at, and I'm happy to share it with you.
  • Leave a comment below if you're joining in.
  • Start!
  • Check in here to report your progress from time to time.
Anyone wants to join in? :-)