Thursday, November 17, 2011

Insights from resistance exercise

I thought I'd like to share some actual insights from the resistance exercise I started with some volunteers. I was very happy to realize how well it went so far in that online-setting, even sometimes just over the phone, when skype didn't work out.

What insights did I get?
  • Procrastination is human ;-) ...
  • Clearly defining/picking a goal or step to work on is important. In quite some sessions I had to work out that first with my clients, as I would do usually in coaching.
  • The exercise incorporated imagining the goal, and monitor reactions: thoughts and feelings, but also reactions noticable in the body. All my clients had remarkable changes in their perception in relationship to their choosen goal after a little bodywork.
  • A little Feldenkrais-inspired body-awareness-exercise of 5-7 minutes is enough to get to a markably changed state in relationship to the goal.
  • The changes resulted either in a willingness to start doing the next step, or in a reconsideration of the goal.
  • For most people the happiness level didn't change, but the level of fear dropped considerably.
  • For a few people both the importance of the goal and the panic dropped. That was then the time to reconsider the goal - was it really what their heart wanted?
  • What amazed me most was that people got sudden additional insights about themselves or the situation they are facing. That was a great "extra" I didn't expect from just some short body-awareness.
Thanks to everyone who contributed by willingness to explore! If there's anything you'd like to add or ask feel free to leave a comment below.