Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do you help me to practice?

Currently I'm in a coaching training with Barbara Sher. One key thing I learned from her (and her fabulous success teams) is to ask other people for help. So here I do:

I'd like to try out methods and exercises I come accross, but would like some people from "real life" to try it out. In a coaching process I would pick the things most suitable for the coachee, but here it's the other way round: I have something in mind and look for people for whom excactly this is of interest. So I can practice, gain experience and sharpen my methods. You get the benefit of experiencing the exercise and hopefully make best use of it for your life and request.


General terms and conditions
  • The practice exercises state describe areas of possible applications. You make sure to have a request that fits to the description.
  • We meet on Skype: you need video & an internet connection quick enough.
  • For every method/exercise I ask for a specific number of volunteers. I reserve the right to pick from interested people, especially when the interest is larger than the number of sessions I'd like to do.
  • I will provide you with available time slots you can pick from. If you can't find something suitable for you we most likely can not practice this time.
  • The sessions will be recorded as mp3 for evaluation on my side. You can get a copy of that, too, if you are interested.
  • You agree to give me honest feedback about the effect of the exercise and how you experienced the process with me. I might even ask you for a short (written) follow-up feedback to get to know longer term effects about a week or two later.
  • The language we can communicate in can either be German or English
  • You take full responsibility for yourself. I consider all exersices as light and safe for the genereal public, but this is not a therapy setting (I'm not a therapist), and I'm no expert in major mental disorders or traumata etc. So if you are in serious trouble you better seek medical/psychological advice. I can't take any liability whatsoever.
So let me know if you think this is a worthwhile endeavour, and check in to see when I post the first thing I'd like to try out. :-)

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